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1. Story of Stuff
2. Solar Roadways: Prototype
4. The Meatrix
5. The Crash Course
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1. Better World Shopping Guide
2. World on the Edge
3. When Technology Fails
4. The Great Turning
5. The Transition Handbook
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1. Living on Earth
2. Radio Ecoshock
3. Climate-One
4. Green Patriot Radio
5. NPR Environment
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2. Within Reach
3. Roz Savage
4. Ride for Climate
5. Un Road Trip
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2. Alternet Environment
3. Mother Nature Network
3. Yes! Magazine
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2. Fresh
3. In Transition 1.0
5. Waste Land
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Top Green Videos

1. Story of Stuff
A fun, quick video about how we're killing our planet and what we can do differently to solve the problem. Mark first met Annie Leonard (the star and creator of the show) after her presentation at the 2006 Bioneers conference in California, and it blew him away-- easily the best live presentation he had ever seen. Most recently we caught up with her at the 2010 CA Bioneers, and she's as funny and humble as ever, even after millions of video views and appearances on national television shows. If you visit her site, you can also see the Story of Electronics, the Story of Cosmetics, and the Story of Bottled Water. Watch it here:

2. Solar Roadways: Prototype
YERT's own video about an ingenious invention to turn our roads into solar panels has been seen nearly one million times. We first met Scott Brusaw, co-founder of Solar Roadways, at his home in Idaho during our original YERT road trip back in 2007. We found that he was a thoughtful, imaginative, and likeable guy with an extraordinary idea-- so we kept in touch and returned to his home in 2010 to film his newly completed prototype. With the help of editor Brendan Kepple, we released this new video and the idea took off. Watch the video here:

For more details about the project, visit

Janaia Donaldson and Robin Mallgren have created and are continually expanding an extensive series of interviews about peak oil and related cultural and economic transformations. They offer free online videos featuring all the notable figures in that domain, including David Korten, Judy Wicks, Richard Heinberg, and many more. A tremendous resource to a civilization in need. Watch a great interview with Chris Martenson (The Crash Course) below:

4. The Meatrix
Go inside the matrix-- er, MEATRIX to explore the surreal world of meat processing. The Meatrix is the first film in a series by Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios. Watch the entire series and get involved at

5. The Crash Course
Chris Martenson left his high-level job in corporate America to figure out how to prepare for a future of environmental, economic, and energy insecurity. Through that process he created The Crash Course, and you can watch the entire series online for free. Very clear AND eye-opening. Here's the first episode of the series.
6. TED Talks
While not all the TED talks focus on green topics, the ones that do are spectacular. We've embedded one below that features Janine Benyus, who coined the term "Biomimicry" and teaches natural wisdom to businesses and organizations around the globe. YERT met Janine in early 2010, and interviewing her felt like we were interviewing a wise, thoughtful Mother Nature.

7. 350 Graffiti Art
One of our very favorite movements addressing climate change is - so named because climate science tells us we need to get our CO2 down to 350 parts per million. is constantly innovating its way into action, and inspiring the same in a young generation of hopeful climate changers. Indeed, they inspired the creation of this amazing video...

350 from Hans Hansen on Vimeo.

8. Grocery Store Wars
Free Range Studios does it again with a great little Star Wars knock-off set in a grocery store, where the forces of good (organic food) battle against the evil forces of factory farms. Check out Cuc (Luke), Obi Wan Cannoli, and many more as you laugh your way to good health and sustainable food!

9. Get clean coal clean! (NEW Air Freshener)
A hilarious little commercial (if you see the irony of clean coal). Huffington Post notes that it was directed by the Cohen Brothers for the Reality Campaign.

10. Flicking The Lights Off
A parody of another silly video that you'll have to find for yourself. This one encourages people to flick the lights off for the annualEarth Hour event, and we think they did a great job! Catchy tune, fun shots. Check it out...

Top Green Podcasts

1. Living on Earth
Clearly the gold standard in environmental reporting since the award-winning program was created in 1990, LOE sends top-notch reporters around the globe to report on environmental issues of the day. YERT was interviewed by LOE back in 2008, and you can listen to that program here. The pacing and style is consistent with what you would expect from an NPR program, but the hosts regularly take political guests to task with tough questions about major environmental policy decisions.

2. Radio Ecoshock
Host Alex Smith takes a stark, deep-green view of the world with this extremely interesting and cutting-edge radio program. He'll help you prepare for a collapse of civilization, interviewing survivalists, climate scientists, and peak oil experts, then mixing those interviews with live recordings of deep-green speakers who come through Vancouver, Canada. He periodically adds his own commentary to the show, for a must-listen podcast treat for everybody who wants to stay in the green loop.

3. Climate One
This is a project of the California Commonwealth Club, and delivers interviews with key researchers, innovators, and politicians about climate change topics in front of a live audience. Greg Dalton does a great job as host, dissecting issues with his guests, and if he doesn't hit all the important perspectives, you can be the audience will ask a question to fill in the gaps. A consistently great program, and very educational.

4. Green Patriot Radio
A timely, insightful show that interviews leaders in a variety of green topics. Author and Host David Steinman is fun to listen to and taps years of experience writing books about our environment to point the listener to cutting edge ideas about how to live well on this degraded planet.

5. NPR Environment
This weekly podcast is simply a mix of NPR programs on environmental themes, gathered from that week's news. Stories are varied but topical, and the reporting is top notch. Overall, this is a good source of information to keep you abreast of mainstream views on green culture.
6. Sierra Club Radio
A fun, quick show for young audiences, hosted by Orli Cotel. Cotel uses the clout of the Sierra Club to bring top interviewees onto the show for conversations that get to point fast and leave with you with the information you need to know without wasting your time.

7. Treehugger Radio
This weekly podcast is an offshoot of the wildly successful eco-blog Treehugger radio brings a variety of phone interviews (as opposed to LOE's frequent on-site story-based reporting) onto the show to discuss mainstream green issues with leaders in the field.

8. Integrative Design Collaborative
Bill Reed and John Becker explore a variety of deep green topics in the context of their design practice at Integrative Design Collaborative. Mark from YERT filmed Bill Reed in 2010 and was wowed by his creative insights and general philosophical approach to examining and solving around whole systems instead of silos of design and information. This is not an ongoing series, but a set of 13 podcasts that will hopefully bring powerful mental adjustments to life and work.

9. Ecology Global Network
A handy assembly of green radio from a wide variety of sources. This site aggregates the most interesting clips each month so you don't have to hunt them down yourself. Sources include Ecology Today, Green Patriot Radio, Vibrantly Green, Ecology Minute, EcoShock, Sierra Club Radio, and Go Green.

10. Best of the Left
While this podcast doesn't always cover environmental topics, when it does, it does a great job. Host Jay Tomlinson left his job as an environmental activist to start this podcast, and he maintains a unique show style by assembling the best clips on a particular topic from a variety of entertaining sources including the Daily Show, Colbert Report, The Angry Turks, Rachel Maddow, and a variety of other left-leaning personalities.

Top Green Websites

1. TreeHugger
This blog-style site posts dozens of stories everyday on a broad variety of cutting-edge environmental topics, and has been instrumental in YERT's ongoing environmental research. One of the top eco-oriented blogs in the world, this site ranks roughly 1000th in traffic in the U.S.

2. Alternet Environment
Functioning primarily as a news and editorial site, Alternet Environment consistently presents environmental topics of the day in a progressive light. Alternet is good at getting you to think critically about the issues, and the reader comments are punchy and voluminous.

3. Mother Nature Network
Mark likes visiting MNN for news that goes a little deeper green than things he finds on TreeHugger and Alternet Environment. This site ranks roughly 1700th in traffic in the U.S.

4. Yes! Magazine
More known for its exceptional quarterly magazine than its website, Yes! Magazine consistently shares inspiring stories of social change and creative community-making via top-notch writers and photography. Yes! Magazine was one of seveal key inspirations for the YERT project.

5. Good Guide
The Good Guide is a handy consumer resource for making thoughtful, planet-friendly decisions about what you buy. We most likely can't buy our way out of environmental crises, but when you do need something to buy, it helps to buy the least impactful option. Rankings based on health, environmental, and societal scales. There's a great iPhone app to help you with ratings on the go, too-- all you have to do is scan the item with your iPhone!
6. RealClimate
Climate scientists gather together on this site to discuss and refine important details about climate change. Due to the sensitivity of the topic, the site maintains a very high degree of journalistic integrity. An invaluable resource for people looking to know the most up-to-date information about one of the most troublesome environmental issues of our day.

7. Films for Action: Environment
A new but exciting discovery for the YERT team, this site enables you to get your fill of quality environmental documentaries for free! Get informed and save the planet by watching and sharing eco-docs from the comfort of your own home. Some treats include "Flow" and "Home."

8. EWG: Sunscreen Guide
What you don't know might be hurting you. Most people think that wearing sunscreen reduces your risk of cancer, and we're not medical experts, but EWG (Environmental Working Group) only recommends a "small fraction" of 500+ sunscreen options. Also available as an iPhone app.

9. Union of Concerned Scientists
Similar to, the Union of Concerned Scientists website is a gathering place for climate scientists and enthusiasts to discuss and refine key climate change details.

10. Green Maven
An entirely green search engine that pre-screens sites for their green-ness. This website was extremely helpful to YERT during the road trip, enabling us to virtually explore an area before driving to it by simply typing in the city and state and checking out the results.

Top Green Books

1. The Better World Shopping Guide
YERT met and interviewed Dr. Ellis Jones, the author of The Better World Shopping Guide, and we believe that this book includes the best list of planet-approved products we have ever found. In fact, if you're looking for one quick and easy place to start the greenification of yourself or a friend, this is quite possibly the best place to start, hands down.

2. World on the Edge
This book is one of the very best summaries of our civilization's relationship with the planet that sustains it, and recommendations for how to fix that relationship. Author Lester Brown and the Earth Policy Institute have decided to let you download the whole book for free. We, and they, really want you to read this book.

3. When Technology Fails
This is one of those books that you want to have around when oil peaks, pandemic attacks, or civilization otherwise breaks down. It includes quite possibly the best summary of everything that might go wrong on this planet, and why.

4. The Great Turning
In this groundbreaking book, David Korten revisits history to skillfully articulate a powerful path towards a sustainable, human-centered civilization-- away from the empire-based power structures we see today. This book and its author provided tremendous inspiration for the creation of YERT.

5. The Transition Handbook
Rob Hopkins summarizes the tools and techniques used by the Transition movement to help civilization make the shift from a high to low energy society. Rooted in Permaculture principles and a host of other powerful methodologies, this is an extraordinary manual for practical social change.
6. Biomimicry
Author Janine Benyus channels the poetic naturalist writing style of Rachel Carson in a modern groundbreaking assembly of stories from the frontiers of biology, technology, and natural science. Janine literally coined the term "Biomimicry" and our planet will never be the same again.

7. Silent Spring
Written by Rachel Carson, this is the classic book that jump-started the modern environmental movement. Beautiful, yet persuasive and poignant language paints a bleak picture of what this planet would be like if we continue on the path of trying to solve all of our problems with an abundance of crude chemicals, crudely applied. You don't want to live on that planet.

8. How to Grow More Vegetables
Recommended to YERT by multiple farmers on our national expedition, this book walks the reader through an in-depth explanation of intensive gardening techniques developed by expert gardener John Jeavons. You will literally grow more food than you imagined you ever could, on a tiny plot of land. You just need a good log book...

9. Small is Beautiful
We visited the headquarters of the E.F. Schumacher Society and were brought nearly to tears during an interview with its Executive Director, Susan Witt. This book fundamentally changed Ben's world view-- perhaps it will change yours, too!

10. Blessed Unrest
Paul Hawken contends that hope for the future lies in a broad, bottom-up coalition of activists working towards common but infinitely variable goals, gradually pushing for a better relationship between people and the planet. And uplifting must-read.

Top Green Adventures

Otherwise known as Your Environmental Road Trip, if you're on this site then you know about our adventure. Mark, Ben, and Julie visited all 50 United States to bring the environmentally weird, wild, and wonderful to your life in the form of 60 short films and an upcoming feature film-- without you having to do much more than lift a finger and occasionally laugh. Our videos have been viewed over a million times, and that's just the beginning!

2. Within Reach
The amazing cycling duo of Ryan and Mandy traveled to 100 intentional communities around the country to find one to call home. They biked over 6,000 miles and interviewed over 600 people for their project, and are planning to complete a feature film in April 2011. Stay tuned, and check out their great site!

3. Roz Savage
Also known as the Ocean Rower, Roz has rowed solo across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and isn't showing signs of stopping anytime soon. The cause? A greener future. Mark saw Roz speak live at an Al Gore climate project training session, and was instantly hooked! We hope you get hooked, too. You can track her rowing progress daily at her site, not to mention watch videos, buy stuff, donate, and much more.
4. Ride for Climate
From 2005 to 2007, climate expert and YERT pal David Kroodsma bicycled from California to the tip of South America, then across the United States. Now he writes for climate causes on websites like the Huffington Post. Check him out.

5. Un Road Trip
This clever little road trip across America is now headed for TV. Boaz Frankel has a fun time taking any vehicle but a car on his adventure.

6. The Mapmakers
An innovative team of explorers who seek to examine the stories outside of the mainstream narratives that you experience every day. There is another world out there, on the planet and in your mind, and the Mapmakers are documenting it.

Top Green Films

1. Fuel
We've seen a whole lot of environmental films, and this one is our favorite. Fuel is interesting, personal, moving, thorough, and showcases some high quality filmmaking. It shares the personal story of Joshua Tickell as he tries to help America get off of oil, follows his soul-searching as he discovers he may not have been on the right path, then finishes strong with the wisdom and positive visions of some of our favorite Bioneers. A must-see for any environmental film fan. A must-see for eveybody who lives on planet Earth. (Watch Online Now!)

2. Fresh
We saw Food Inc. and it was a good film, but then we saw Fresh and thought that it was a great film-- and the spokesmovie for the sustainable agriculture movement. Fun, personal, and very friendly, Fresh is literally a fresh look at the sustainability movement from your food on up. It also features one of our favorite environmental heroes, Joel Salatin. Check it out.

3. In Transition
The introductory feature film for the Transition Movement, In Transition reveals the people and ideas behind the brilliant Transition movement, as it works to prepare civilization for peak oil, climate change, and the transition to a low energy economy. You can watch the entire film for free right here:
This film is a tragically beautiful assessment of the impact of human beings on this planet Earth, our home. Haunting music and a thoughtful narrater walk the viewer through a collage of beautifully filmed images of our Home, largely shot from low flying aircraft. Get some popcorn and click here to watch it on YouTube for free.

5. Waste Land
Waste Land appears to be a brilliantly conceived and heartwarming look at the lives and aspirations of people who spend their days scavenging a garbage dump in Brazil. Sundance gave it the Audience Award for Best World Cinema Documentary. And the music is by Moby.

6. The End of Suburbia
The tagline says it all: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream. This film provides a classic introduction to the problems created by the suburban ideal of the American mainstream. A fun, clever film worth watching. (Watch Online Now!)

7. Dirt! The Movie
Narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, dirt is a fun look at the stuff under your feet, between your toes, and all around the roots of the plants you love. This film goes deep, featuring interviews with Wes Jackson and Paul Stamets. (Watch Online Now!)

8. Collapse
A dose of stark news about the state of our nation, and the possibility for the collapse of our civilization. It is difficult to imagine how a single interview (of Michael Ruppert) could be so riveting, but it is. Watch and decide for yourself. Are we headed for collapse? (Watch Online Now!)

9. Wall-E
Disney (yes, Disney) did a great job with this fun animated film about a little robot and his adventures on a planet (Earth) that has been totally trashed. (His job is to clean it up.) You must watch this film if only to see what humans might look like in the not-too-distant future.

10. The Cove
A chilling but well-told tale of dolphin slaughter in a cove along the coast of Japan. Oscar Award Winner for Best Feature Documentary. Winner of countless film festival awards, including Audience Award Winner at Sundance 2009. Go see it. (Watch Online Now!)

Photo: Erika Bowman Photo: Mark Dixon