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YERT: The Film - Junk Montage
This video is a sneak peek at a scene from the upcoming YERT feature film, set to the musical masterpiece "Junk" by Brainpool. (YouTube)(More info...)
Super-Mega YERT Feature

YERT: The Film - Trailer 1
Get ready for YERT: The Film. We're creating a feature film based on our eco-adventures in every state of the USA, and this trailer is the first glimpse into what it'll be like. Please spread the word to friends and family - we want this trailer to travel around the world! (YouTube)(More info...)


YERTpod31: An Epiphany of Three Wise Men in Missouri
YERT headed to The Show Me State - and they sure showed US! Rebirth, regrowth, re-purpose... with renowned architect Bob Berkebile, urban activist Marty Kraft, and Bob Cassilly's City Museum. (More info...)
YERTpod30: Perennial Good Food in Kansas
Great ideas keep cropping up in the heartland of America. Local Burger and The Land Institute are sun-shining examples of powerful innovations in food! (More info...)
YERTpod29: Construction Is More Than OK in Oklahoma
YERT asks some LEEDing questions and finds geothermal under where? Oklahoma. (More info...)
YERTpod28: An Agri-Culture of Permanence in New Mexico
The wisdom of the ages meets the agriculture of the future in the Land of Enchantment. (More info...)
YERTpod27: Everything's Under the Sun in Arizona
We explored the lighter side of solar power in this extremely un-desert-ed state. (More info...)
YERTpod26: Gambling on Water in Nevada
Big bucks and waning water make for high-stakes drama in Las Vegas. We look to Elvis for strategic advice. (More info...)
YERTpod25: YEaRTh Day in NYC
YERT searches for Earthy New Yorkers and finds out all about Tuesday. (More info...)
YERTpod24.5: Revolutionary New Energy Source
The Bush Administration pursues a new revolutionary home-grown alternative auto fuel... (More info...)
YERTpod24: Non-Invasive Ways to do Holidays in Hawaii
We hunt for non-invasive species while attempting to tread lightly on holiday- and on Halloween. (More info...)
YERTpod23: Bioneering Change in California and Beyond
The Bioneers Conference will change you, but only if you're into change. (More info...)
YERTpod22: Moving the Right Way in Oregon
YERT discovers that Oregonians really get around...using public transportation that actually serves the public so that everybody wins, including Mother Nature. (More info...)
YERTpod21: Building the Future at Yestermorrow
YERT dives under the hood of Vermont's Yestermorrow Design/Build School - where yesterday's wisdom meets tomorrow's architecture. (More info...)
YERTpod20: The Sound of Dammed Salmon in Washington
If the salmon in the Elwha River aren't dammed, then the watershed isn't damned. Also learn the keys to Sound environmental policy in the Puget. (More info...)
YERTpod19: Diggin' Dugout Dick in Idaho
See Dick live. See Dick live in a cave for 60 years. See Dick live simpler than any human encountered by YERT. Long live Dugout Dick! (More info...)
YERTpod18: A Peek at Park(ing) Day in Utah
Ben, Julie, Mark, and a green leaf bug jump into funky good times in a mini-park in a parking space. Park it and watch. (More info...)
YERTpod17: Happy Thursday in Boulder, Colorado
YERT discovers that you can't buy happiness, but you sure can "bike" happiness - 500 people "peddling" good cheer on the streets of Boulder, CO. Welcome to Happy Thursday - Boulder Cruiser Ride style. (More info...)
YERTpod16: Energy Sipping Homes in Colorado
Watch experts discuss super-green homes, and learn how your home can be where the carbon isn't. (More info...)
YERTpod15: In-tree-guing Discoveries in Nebraska
Once known as the "Tree Planters' State," Nebraska provides fertile ground for earthen ideas and well-tended trees at Dancing Leaf and the Arbor Day Farm. And the YERT theme played on giant xylophones. (More info...)
YERTpod14: Challenging Corn in Iowa
YERT is challenged by the complexities of corn, exploring biofuels, land use, and surprisingly corny food products. (More info...)
EXTRA YERT VIDEO-- YERT Conversation 14.1: Simple Living 101 (Ideas for simplifying the holidays- and your life.)(More info...).
YERTpod13: Solar Decathlon
YERT looks at two entries in the Department of Energy's Solar Decathalon. We tourted the houses built by MIT and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before they moved the houses to Washington D.C. for the big event. (More info...)
YERTpod12: Gettin' Da Green Bidness in Illinois
YERT wakes up dark and early to search for green businesses from the top of Chicago's City Hall to the triple bottom line. Then we try to estimate the monetary value of our planet and all its citizens. No problemo. (More info...)
YERTpod11: Not Your Standard CAFEs or Roofs in Michigan
After hitting the streets to explore CAFE standards with unsuspecting Wolverines, YERT gets under the hood at Ford's innovative Rouge Factory, which happens to have the largest green roof in the world! Then we dance. Barely. (More info...)
YERTpod10: Seeding is Believing in Vermont
Good things are taking root all over this beautiful state. Explore the seeds of a new economy, and how they all grow well together. (More info...)
YERTpod9: Voting With Your Feet in New Hampshire
We discover that politicians need to "Live Carbon Free or Die" in the NH primary. The passion of Bill McKibben, Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH), and concerned citizens cuts to the heart of the matter - and mostly through the loud rally music. (More info...)
YERTpod8: Lattah Wattah in Maine
YERT heads to Maine and decides to get all wet! Watch Mainers and Mainiacs sound off on water rights...and water wrongs.(More info...) EXTRA YERT VIDEO-- YERT Conversation 8.1: Peace and the Planet (44 mins of nourishing conversation). (More info...)
YERTpod7: Words of Wind-dom in Massachusetts
YERT explores arguments for and against the offshore wind farm proposed in Nantucket Sound, then hits the beach for additional investigation! (More info...)
YERTpod6: Growing Meat, Milk, and Fluff in Rhode Island
Things seem to grow well in this great little state-- watch turkeys mate, cows debate, and alpacas salivate. (More info...)
YERTpod5: City Farm Charm in Rhode Island
We found ourselves charmed by the easygoing pace and not-too-subtle wisdom of the City Farm in Providence. (More info...)
YERTpod4: Gunga Gunga in New Jersey
All indicators point to nonpoint source pollution making gigunda gunga gunga grow in Barnegat Bay! (More info...)
YERTpod3: Ask Uncle Sam
Got a question for Uncle Sam? These kids have questions... and answers... and questioning answers. Don't ask. (More info...) (Watch the 20-minute "extended remix" version here!)
YERTpod2: Pennsylvania Coal: Fire in the Hole!
You think you have an old flame? Check out the fire in Centralia, PA! (More info...)
YERTpod1: LaunchPod
Now that we're T+14 days into the YERT adventure, we thought it would be about time to show you how we launched this thing. (More info...)

Additional Features

Solar Roadways - The Prototype
Solar Roadways are being developed to pave roads with solar panels that you can drive on. Co-founder Scott Brusaw shows us an exclusive look at his most recent prototype. (More info...)
The Transition Movement - An Introduction
Tina Clarke presents a 62 minute introduction to the global Transition movement, addressing peak oil and climate change with a powerful and uplifting community response. (More about Transition...)
Theo Chocolate-ey V-Day
A sneak peek at the upcoming YERT feature film, in fair trade organic chocolate form! Joe Whinney from Theo Chocolate shares his secrets with the YERT team as we eat them up. Literally. (YouTube)(More about Theo...)
YERT Loves Mountains
We covered "I Love Mountains Day" 2009, sponsored by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. Here, Congressman John Yarmouth makes it clear exactly where he stands on the issue of Mountain Top Removal (MTR). (YouTube)(More MTR info...)
YERT Filmmaking Lair
Here's a sneak peek at the YERT Filmmaking Lair - You'll meet our new editor, Scott Irick, see the YERT film plan on a giant white board, and learn Scott's Mountain Dew capacity. (More info...)
Chico Eco Elvis
YERT shares some Christmas spirit with The King of "green" and gets schooled on the three R's as Eco Elvis takes on the Bag Monster in a no-holds-barred grudge match. Can Julie's ChicoBag save the day?(More info...) (ChicoBag | Reusable Bags.)
Earth Hour: Feel Depower
The YERT team rolled into DC during Earth Hour 2008 to test our government's commitment to the planet. Ooops...let's hope they get the memo this year. (YouTube)(More info...)
All The Presidents' Heads
The YERT team busts into South Dakota's President's Park to get eco-interviews with All The Presidents' Heads. (YouTube)(More info...)
YERT Conversation 19.1: Solar Roadways
YERT talks with Scott Brusaw in northern Idaho about an idea that could solve nearly every problem "under the sun" - literally. Welcome to Solar Roadways, where the rubber hits panel. (More info...)
Bear Necessities
This is our entry into the TreeHugger "Convenient Truths" eco-video contest. Thanks to all of you (and a few judges), we placed SECOND out of nearly one hundred entries! See the TreeHugger review of the winning entries here . Special thanks to Brooks White for the music.
YERT Blert 3: Breaking In 9 Months Out
We're finally learning the ropes of this trip, just in time for stuff to start breaking. Time to clean (More info...)
Bag Monster at Mardi Gras!
The Bag Monster takes New Orleans by storm this Mardi Gras season! (More info...)
YERT Blert 2: Checking In 6 Months Out
After a pregnant pause in our updates, we are happy to report that six months into the trip, YERT is ultra sound. (More info...)
YERT Blert 1: Checking In 3 Months Out
The YERT team takes stock after the first 3 months of road tripping and shares some challenges, highlights, and a pretty giddy ditty. (More info...)
PittPrepPod0: Purposeful Planning
An unintentionally ironic video in which Ben and Mark discuss searching for the vehicle that they now have. Think of us as time travelers with no fashion sense. Want more silly PittPrepPods? Try these: PPP1, PPP2.
Pick a Car!
Pick a car, any car! Well, actually, not just any car will do. YERT explores the criteria for our eco-wheels.
Trailer 3 - The Quickie!
This one-minute flick shows the whole YERT gang in an updated miniature version of Trailer 1.
Trailer 2
Just like our first trailer. Or is it?
Trailer 1
Get a taste of what's to come with the YERT adventure!

Audio Podcasts

Brian Snyder speaks at PASA Conference 2010
2/5/10: Brian Snyder, Executive Director of PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture), gave a moving, exciting speech during the opening morning of the PASA conference. YERT was there to record it for you. Learn more about PASA at (Duration: 25 mins, download mp3)
Kim Seeley speaks at PASA Conference 2010
2/5/10: Kim Seeley, President of the Board of Directors at PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture), gave a thoughful, powerful speech during the opening morning of the PASA conference. YERT was there to record it for you. Learn more about PASA at (Duration: 21 mins, download mp3)
Mark Preaches: Faith, Sustainability, and YERT
7/12/09: Mark from the YERT team gives his first sermon. Ever. It took place at the Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church in Pittsburgh, PA. (Duration: 21 mins, download mp3)
Guided Meditation - Environmental Stewardship
7/12/09: Mark created a guided meditation to support his sermon at the Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church. This meditation aims to bring greater awareness about the environmental stewardship responsibilities we all have to past and future generations. (Duration: 6 mins, download mp3)
YERTaudioPod 1: Georgia Berner and Rebecca Flora
9/9/08: YERT and the Pittsburgh Business Times present a Leadership Dialogue Series event addressing green business issues in and around the city of Pittsburgh. Featured speakers include Georgia Berner, CEO of Berner International Corporation, and Rebecca Flora, executive director of the Green Building Alliance. YERT recorded the event at the request of the Pittsburgh Business Times, and this podcast is provided to help support the greenification of Pittsburgh! (Duration: 49 mins, download mp3)
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